Curriculum development

I decided to base my curriculum on Harvard Business School’s (after all, it is arguably the top business school in the world) and enroll in similar classes on Coursera. I came across another MOOC-MBA candidate who also had done the same, and his site actually made it so much easier for me, as he had the same thoughts as me.

We basically have the same courses, with the exception of one or two (see below).

Finance 1 Intro to Finance U. of Penn – Wharton
Financial Reporting & Control Intro to Financial Accounting U. of Penn – Wharton
Marketing Intro to Marketing U. of Penn – Wharton
Technology and Operations Management Intro to Operations Management U. of Penn – Wharton
Leadership and Organizational Behavior International Organizational Behavior and Leadership Universite Commerciale Luigi Boccone
Business, government and the Intl economy Globalization and you U. of Washington
Strategy Foundations of Business Strategy U. of Virginia – Darden
The Entrepreneurial Manager Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship U. of Maryland
Finance 2 Financial Markets Yale University
Leadership & Corporate accountability Critical Perspectives on Management IE Business School

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