The starting point – how I settled on an MOOC-based MBA

I am an Events Consultant by profession and I have been practicing for slightly over four years now. My educational background is in International Relations (African and Gender studies).  After I graduated, I worked in an international organization for two years. Somewhere, in this IO, I discovered my passion and calling for all things event organization and management.

I left said IO and joined a small events company. At this point I began feeling a need to increase my knowledge of the business world.  I began doing research on different Masters’ programs for over a year. I was torn on which program to take  and changed my mind many times.

I finally settled on an MBA.  Why?

Other than the obvious (career advancement, knowledge acquisition,  better management skills,  and many other reasons) I  felt that an MBA would:

  1. give me a holistic perspective on the business world;
  2. increase my global awareness;
  3. give me a chance to learn from others about business.

The next step in my research was identifying a school. I knew that I was going to do an online degree to enable me to balance the day-to-day demands of a young family.  This was a daunting task, and sometimes discouraging, as MBAs are quite expensive, and the scholarships few and difficult to get.

Somewhere, I came across an article on LinkedIn about Laurie Pickard who put together an MBA course from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  This piqued my interest, and I began seeing an answer to my I-want-to-do-an-MBA-but-no-finances dilemma. I decided that I would give this a try.

The purpose of this blog is to detail my progress, successes, hurdles and random MBA-related thoughts.



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