Initial thoughts – Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship

These are my initial thoughts after watching a few videos and are in no way conclusive or fully representative of the course.

The good:

Having done an entrepreneurship class in undergrad school, I was curious to see how this class would be executed. I found the content to be interesting and interactive, although there was not much difference from my undergrad class. The lecturer gave many examples and tried to make it as relevant to the students as possible.

The content is exactly the same for the students of U. of Maryland as it is for me, and I am getting it for free.

The lecturer has posted all the material for the entire course, and so if you want you can read ahead and attempt the quizzes as well.

The quiz was quite easy and I scored a 10.00 on the second attempt because I had accidentally skipped one question.

The not-so-good:

The videos are quite long.

The PDF documents of the class are also quite shallow, therefore you have to watch the videos to add more flesh onto them.

 P.S.: Seeing as I have three attempts at the quizzes,I have decided that from the next quiz I will attempt the quiz before reading the material and watching the videos, just to gauge how much of the content I am familiar with. 




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