An Introduction to Marketing – U. of Penn., Wharton

This class began on Monday, 21st April and so far, it is very interesting. This class has three lecturers: I find it interesting because so far, I haven’t seen any course delivered by multiple lecturers.

The videos are short and concise. I love this because it gets straight to the point. I am comparing this to the Entrepreneur class I am taking concurrently, where the videos are really long due to the fact that the lectures are recorded in a classroom setting. There are many pauses as the lecturer poses a question and waits for a response from the students.

The videos look like they were done in a studio and edited. I like that because the clarity is really good and there is less distraction, compared to the classroom setting.

There will be three quizzes given at the end of every professor’s module and one examination given at the end of the course. There are no assignments so far. The discussion forums are very active and interesting.


3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Marketing – U. of Penn., Wharton

    • Thanks for following. Yes I did find Udacity and edX. I ended up going with Coursera because it has, by far, the largest number of courses as well as variety, all relevant to my curriculum. I also was not too attracted by Udacity’s open ended style, i.e. there is no timeframe within which you are required to finish your course.

      • I, myself didn’t find Udacity that engaging, but am looking for any other MOOC similar to coursera because lately Coursera hasn’t been bringing in that much engaging and relevant courses such as Derivatives, marketing in depth etc. Would let you know if i find any other site-along with foloowing your own

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