Introduction to Marketing: Week one to three

This is my first time in a marketing class, so I am excited about it. So far, it has been fantastic. There is quite a bit of jargon to wrap my head around, but it is straightforward.

The course lectures started with Professor Kahn, who taught the first part of her Branding module: Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning in week one, Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand in week two (which was shot in Philadelphia to further demonstrate the concepts) and in week three,  Effective Brand Communications Strategies and Re-positioning Strategies.

I particularly enjoyed the detail she got into without overwhelming me. The videos are short and the content top-notch. Her style is sort of a narrative, which makes my mind grasp the ideas fast.

After the three weeks of videos was the first of three quizzes (each to be done after the different sections). Quiz one was a bit hard, but manageable. I think what helped me most were the many examples presented. I tend to remember the illustrations very well, therefore the point sticks better.

marketing quiz 1

In addition to the recommended readings provided, I am also reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Because he talks about how ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do, I believe that this would be an enjoyable read on understanding the power of audiences and how to communicate.


I am definitely looking forward to the next series of classes.


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