The Entrepreneur Course- Week five and six

Week five was all about business modeling, while week six was about business plans. I thoroughly enjoyed these two weeks as they were very practical for me.

In week five, I had to think through the different aspects of my company, namely its value proposition, the targeted customer segments, the channels for communication, distribution and sales. company customer relations, strategic partnerships, key activities of the company, key resources required, financial picture and cost structure. This allowed me to get into the nitty-gritty details that would maybe be not thought through.

In week six, I had to evaluate a business plan similar to my company’s from the perspective of a venture capitalist or angel investor. I evaluated the company summary, product description, market segmentation, sales and marketing strategy, industry analysis and their financial plan, and give reasons as to whether I would or would not finance the company.





The quizzes were based on the analyses done.

After week six (which was the final week), there was a survey to complete that carried 2% of the final grade. I will comment more on this in my final thoughts review of this class.

I am still reading the books I assigned myself as part of my reading list, and will comment on them later.


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