Introduction to Marketing: Week four to nine

It has been a crazy six weeks that I was unable to post the update for week four to six, so I will combine them (week for to six and week seven to nine) into one post.

Week four to six: The lectures were with Professor Pete Fader, who focused on Customer Centricity. He covered the limits of product-centric management and moving into customer-centric management, the opportunities and challenges of this approach and some companies that are customer-centric. He also covered some wasys that customer-centric companies can be profitable. As a conclusion, there was a case-study of, together with Professor Bell.

marketing quiz 2

Week seven to nine: Professor David Bell focused on “Go to Market” Strategies. The “go to market” strategy offers more possibilities than ever before as companies have the potential to address consumers both offline and online, and through a variety of platforms. Professor Bell has worked on these very issues with several exciting start-ups and used his experiences to illustrate the material. Of the three modules, for me this was the hardest as it was a bit unfamiliar though I aced the quiz. The quiz was done on week eight and covered the two weeks content only.

marketing quiz 3

I did the final exam (which marked the end of this course) on week nine and scored a 30/40.

marketing final exam

So my effective score is 89 out of 100. I feel a bit sad I missed a distinction by one point.


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