FOBS: My progress so far

The last six weeks have been quite busy, so I have not posted as regularly as I would have preferred. This post gives a summary of the last six weeks in the FOBS class.

Structure: The class is divided into weekly modules. Each weekly module consists of an introductory video, a reading from the strategist’s toolkit, a series of video lectures, a quiz, and a case where we will apply our toolkit to a business to illustrate points in the lectures.In general, all video lectures for each week will be made available by 23:59 GMT on Sunday of that week. The course will culminate in your submission of a strategic analysis of an organization of your choosing. This will serve as your final exam.

The workload is medium (about 5 hours a week). The discussion forums are very active, and I have been reading people’s comments but not really participating due to time (which is unfortunate as it will cost me 8% of my grade). The idea of an active forum is to simulate a real life classroom. I am really enjoying this class for several reasons:

  1. The class is by far the most engaging I have done on Coursera. Professor Lennox is great with his content, and his videos are brief but educational. Most are no longer than 7-8 minutes each. He is energetic and has many examples that help me remember the content much more easily. The only improvement I would ask of him is to give more diverse example and not just American based ones.
  2. The cases allow me to apply the tools that I have learned about and get feedback.
  3. I redid all but one of the quizzes in an attempt to improve my score. I found the questions slightly tricky but I think I did OK in the end.

FOBS week 1 quiz FOBS week 2 quiz FOBS week 3 quiz FOBS week 4 quiz FOBS week 5 quiz FOBS week 6 quiz

We have reached the end of the lecture series and submitted my strategic analysis of Eveready East Africa in which I applied five tools from my strategist’s toolkit.


In two days time the evaluation phase will be opened, where we will be required to peer-assess 5 submissions. Failure to do so will result in a 20% penalty on the final grade.


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